Miscellaneous Articles

On this page I put the links to the articles on different topics related to electric guitar:

Changing Electric Guitar Strings - Step by Step Tutorial
Here you can learn how to restring a guitar with a stoptail bridge (installed on guitars without a whammy bar like on Les Paul Standard guitar), with a synchronized tremolo bridge (like on Fender Strats) and a locking tremolo system (like on many Ibanez and Jackson guitars). + get valuable tips.

How to Improve Guitar Tuning Stability When Using a Whammy Bar
Along with the cool sounds a tremolo bar produces, it can also be a source of endless tuning issues that may even prevent you from using the bar. In this must read article I will explain how to fix this problem.

How to Get a Video From the Net and Play It in Slow Motion...
This article will help you download your favourite video clips from a number of video hosing websites like vimeo, youtube, dailymotion and some others and play them back with VLC media player using its useful functionality and key bindings.

Free Guitar Software for GNU OS, PC and Mac
Here you'll find where to download a metronome, tuner and a tab editing tool.

Guitar Picking Patterns
The collection of picking patterns might help you to get started composing your own riffs. Just take any power chord progression you like and pick the chords as shown in the diagrams. Sooner or later you'll find something that will work for you.