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Answered Questions

What effect pedal(s) is/are used in the Nothing else matters - Metallica solo? by Einar

My guess is that they used an over-driven amp with a dedicated booster or an overdrive pedal as a booster in front of it for punchier tone in a studio.

You can get similar sound at home by playing through a distortion pedal with higher gain settings.

Is there a way to mix up both humbucker pickups in a epiphone guitar?
Yes you can mix the signal coming from both pickups by placing the toggle switch in the middle position:
Switch Toggle - Electric Guitar

How can I get a similar tone to Mark Tremonti or Myles Kennedy on the processor?
I've just listened online, it seemed to me that the guitar has some lower alternate tuning, like the 6th string is tuned to C instead of E, 5th to F, and etc... there's also a bass guitar that blends with the electric guitar...

Backing tracks to practice chord progressions and chord theory
Learning songs with variety of chords and progressions becomes fine at the beginning with the help of a metronome, but soon gets very boring. I would like to spice it up a bit with very simple backing tracks of the common chord progressions...

Changing from acoustic to electric
Hey. My name is Alex and I have been playing on classical and acoustic guitars for over 12 years now, but I've never tried an electric. Are there any key differences?

Playing through speakers and headphones simultaneously
What device would I need to make this happen? Pull the headphone's plug off of the amplifier just a bit, very lightly, and check your sound, do it a few times trying different distances. The idea for this is to find a spot where the signal will be routed to the headphones and at the same time the contacts won't yet be disconnected from the power amp stage in your amplifier

Guitar effects order with amp with an effects loop
Into the effects loop the effects go in the following order: modulation > Delay > Reverb. The effects related to sound amplification and wah go into the guitar amp input

How Do I get the deep sound of the low strings
Hello what I would like to know is how do i get the deep sound of the low strings my amp is a line6 75watt and a strat guitar. Regards John Answer Your...

Is there anything that I can do to make small amp louder?
I have a small amp that I use for practice, but it is no where near loud enough. Is there anything that I can do to make it louder?

Muting unused strings when playing power chords
How do I mute the other strings when playing power chords so it doesn't sound so mushy? :: Answer: First of all, you need to work on your picking making it targeting...

Plugging electric bass guitar into guitar amp
Is it OK (for practice only) to plug an electric bass guitar into an electric guitar amp? Answer Yes it's completely fine, but the sound could be not...

Proper picking techniques
Hi, I have been playing for a few months now, and I have just realized that I was plucking the strings wrong. I guess it was because I was putting most...

Still confused how to play a chord
So look, I've had my electric guitar for almost a year now and learned the basics, but once I got to playing the chords part I became really frustrated and...

String muting/stopping
I just switched or started playing electric from acoustic. I notice the need to continually stop the strings, which I find annoying, when trying to play...

What is the distance between strings and humbucker pickups?
According the Les Paul Manual book, it's about 3/32in or 2.4mm at the 6th string and 1/16in or 1.6mm at the 1st one for both the neck and the bridge pickup. My observations tell me that the smallest distance does not always brings the best tone...

The pick gets stuck to the string
One thing that could be the case is that you allow too much of the plectrum to stick out out of your grip, I mean the part of the plectrum that hits the strings. Another thing, is that maybe you use too dense/fat plectrum which tend to get stuck when using the alternate picking technique...

Can I just replace one spring of the bridge or do I need to replace them all?
Answer: you can replace just one spring, you might place it in between the two existing springs. Also, you might like having just two. I used to have a guitar in which I temporarily removed the middle spring to make the bridge "float"...

Types of electric guitar
"Hi & thanks for your great site. I want to know how many kinds of electric guitar there are and what are the differences between them? Generally there are solid and hollow body guitars...

What is the benefit of multiple string wraps around the tuning posts?
Almost all guitarists wrap 2 - 3 winds around the tuning posts, yet it has been well established that this makes stretching the strings take longer as the winds take more time to settle...

What is the best electric guitar for barre chords?
Usually the tension of the strings on electric guitars is much looser than on acoustics and playing barre chords on electrics is not as troublesome for a beginner...

Which electric guitar to buy?
Hey, I'm Karan. You may check out budget guitars of respected brands, they are usually well built and sound fine; for instance, Fender Squier, Les Paul Epiphone, inexpensive series of Ibanez and Yamaha guitars

This article was last updated on January 18, 2024