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Practical and effective electric guitar lessons for beginners

This place is fully open for anyone who would like to start playing simple but not shabby guitar riffs and doesn't want to learn a bunch of unrelated stuff before doing so.

If you want to play clean (non-distorted guitar), I published diagrams of open-position chord diagrams, strumming and fingerstyle patterns, chord progressions, and list of easy to play songs to assist you with that as well.

Along the pages, you'll see many guitar tabs, audio/video examples, illustrations to better get the ideas in your head.

The main menu is well organized into topics where along the lessons, you you'll find additional useful information that is vital for a very beginner, such as: tuning, replacing the strings, getting the right sound, taking care of the vibrato system and more...

Who am I and why am I doing these lessons for free?

Well I'm electric-fire (prefer to use my alias) a coder/webmaster and this project was an opportunity for me to work out my coding and writing skills while I feel like sharing the knowledge I acquired over the years of playing an electric guitar.

Contrary to the current trend, on this website care is taken to avoid leaking the information abou your online activities through third party web statistics to their partners and big  brothers, as well as bookmarking buttons (aka social media buttons).

Out of my curiosity to know how many visitors I have here, I run 'Open Web Analytics' - a standalone program that does not involve third parties.

The bookmarking buttons are customly crafted by me and are essentially plain hyperlinks that do not watch your activities!

This article was last updated on December 05, 2020