Artificially Induced Electromagnetic Fields Around Us


In about last 20-25 years we, as never before, increasingly expose ourselves and the environment to the man-made EMF radiation.

It happened one thing after another, cellphones went mainstream and quickly many individuals started to have a source of non-ionizing radiation right into the pocket for hours a day, some people have had it near all day long without giving a thought to the consequences they might face later.

Some time after that Wi-Fi hotspots and BlueTooth were introduced and popularized, later on "smart"phones came along and many got hooked on them, spending near half of spare time of a day touching gliding, and staring at the screen.

Modern smartphones have a bigger number of built in antennas (there are known models that have 16 of them), they utilize more aggressive signal modulations for transferring huge volumes of data compared to the previous generations.

Along with the "smart"phones, all kinds of wireless gadgets appear to work with them as extensions.

Each newer wave of digital wireless devices introduced more and faster data in-and-out capabilities and along with them more EMF pollution surrounding us as a consequence.

These days, unless you live deep in a very rural area, you will be surrounded by cell towers near at every corner. Needless to say that this fact is a great contributor to the harmful EMF pollution

In fact current cellular technologies can't function without cell sites, these artifacts burn a lot of electricity (just look at the diameter of the power cables attached to them), as a logical deduction causing more fossil fuel burning, releasing CO2, thus accelerating climate change, contribute to atmospheric particulate matter, smog and to acid rain.

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  • EMF - electromagnetic fields
  • EMF radiation - non-ionizing radiation
  • cell site - cell tower - cellular base station

Tips for minimizing your exposure to harmful EMF

  • If your guitar connected to the amp or the effects by means of a wireless transmitter, it means you irradiate your body during your plays, consider switching to a cable.
  • If you have a Wi-Fi hotspot in your place, it is similar to having a small cell site in it, for most of us this is really unnecessary, turn off the Wi-Fi on your router, plug your computer to the router with a network cable instead, and don't forget to switch off the wi-fi module in your computer too.
    Along with cutting a huge source of the harmful EMF radiation, as a positive side effect you'll have a more stable and secure internet connection, as your private data transmissions won't fly all around your neighborhood (with some affordable wireless network adapters on the market it's totally doable to eavesdrop on a wi-fi data from hundreds feet away).
  • If you really don't need a smartphone, don't use it, studies clearly show that among the negative physical and less obvious to a naked eye biological effects on living beings, it changes your thinking, making your brain more adaptable for small simple tasks, and less capable for deep thinking and contemplation. The book "The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains" by Nicholas Carr has much more to say about it.
  • If you can live without a cellphone, start doing it now, use your corded phone at home in place of the mobile phone; if you can't, at least switch it off when you don't need it, and especially during the night.
    When a cellphone is unused and turned on (except being in a flight mode) it still sends and receives signals to exchange information with the base stations to be able to receive incoming calls and for other purposes.
    The The documentary movie "RESONANCE Beings of Frequency" shows that the working wireless devices interfere with production of melatonin hormone (starts at around 01:07:44):
    If you have a good reason to keep your cellphone online during the night, at least keep it at the opposite side of your place, in a separate room if possible; place it at the window, with its back "looking" outside the window.
    Doing this, most likely, will make the phone easier to connect to nearby base stations sparing it the need of extra signal amplification.
  • If you have a cordless phone (portable telephone), switch it to a corded one.
  • If you have these little bluetooth or wifi gadgets that connect to your mobile device for some sort of entertainment, consider getting rid of them, in most cases it's not worth the trouble adding yet another layer of radiation around yourself. It goes without saying that a bluetooth hands-free set, should be replaced with a wired one.
  • EMF near a head - a frame from the 'RESONANCE Beings of Frequency' movie
    If you don't use a hands-free set while talking on a mobile phone, use the built-in phone's speakerphone so you can keep the device farther away from your body in general and your head in particular.
  • If you have an electrical outlet at your bed, move your bed farther away from it. If moving the bed is not an option, carefully shield the outlet with a piece of aluminum foil that used for cooking.
  • If you live near a cell site, high voltage power lines, or an electrical substation consider relocating. Studies have shown that people living within the radius of 500 meters (about 1600 feet) had cancer a few times more often than ones that lived farther away.
    You can easily find the 2004 study - "increased incidence of cancer near a cell-phone transmitter station" on the internet.

Recently, I've learned from Frolov Yuriy, a biologist and analyst with a systematic approach to health that vitamin B3, although in rather small extent assists to withstand the harmful EMF radiation.

A full class of vitamin B, apart from B12, contains in spirulina and chlorella seaweeds in a natural form and available as supplements.

Note that wireless devices that only capable of receiving signal do not contribute to the EMF pollution, while the transmitting devices they are turned to do.
Examples of receiving devices:
  • a radio receiver
  • a stand-along GPS unit (the one that does not rely on Wi-Fi and mobile networks)
  • setelite plates for home TV
This article was last updated on February 21, 2021