Electric Guitar and Accessory Reviews

On this page I decided to put some electric guitar and gear reviews of things that I happen to own now or owned in the past. Mostly you'll find positive notes about the items, and it's because usually, I carefully reasearch the available information about a product before I commit to buy.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Electric Guitar

Although this instrument is considered as a budget practice electric guitar mostly oriented towards beginners, because of its high quality, great durability, and the rich tone there's no reason not to use it as a relatively inexpensive pro guitar as well, in my opinion.

Cort M600T Electric Guitar

Cort M600T is the most versatile guitar I have owned so far, it provides the possibility to split both the neck and bridge humbucker pickups into the single coil pickups on the fly by pulling up the tone knob. When it's played in the 'humbucker mode' the tone more or less resembles the Les Paul Std Guitar; in the 'single coil mode' the sound is more treble-emphasized and delicate.

Vox AC1 and Orange Micro Crush PiX (CR3) mini amps

Two pretty and highly portable guitar amps that easily fit into a daypack. I have both these mini amps for a while now and in this article I'd like to share the pros and cons I learned about them from a real experience.

Washburn LSEBOD Blues Overdrive Pedal

An affordable lightweight effect with true-bypass, treble and bass tone control that delivers mild overdriven tone (not suited for heavy kinds of music).

Roland Micro Cube Portable Amplifier

Battery powered modeling guitar amp with effects processor on board. The unit has the conventional guitar effects like: flanger, chorus, tremolo, phaser, delay and reverb; 1 microphone amp mode for singing or using the amp as a loudspeaker; 6 guitar amplifier emulations producing: nice clean; in the way of acoustic-like; lightly overdriven; distortion; and kind of metal sound.

1Spot guitar pedal power supply by Visual Sound

Mighty 9V, 1700mA DC adapter that can simultaneously feed a chain of guitar effects.

Guitar Scratch Remover - Player's Kit Standard

A remedy to scratches on high gloss clear-coated factory finishes, on both electric and acoustic guitars. The page includes the story of how I removed the ugly scratches on my guitar finish using this product.

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This article was last updated on January 30, 2019
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