Cort M600T - Guitar Review

Cort M600T is the most versatile guitar I have owned so far. This instrument has a lot: nice delicate tone, vibrato arm, cool beautiful looks and affordable price. But the really cool feature that highlights this axe is the switch that splits both the neck and bridge humbucker pickup into the single coil pickups.

The switch is integrated into the tone knob and hence "invisible" at first glance. Pulling the tone knob up enables this function to work.

This feature makes it possible to enjoy "having two guitars in one". The difference between the tones of these two guitar modes is very audible and they both sound great.

In the video below you can hear how Cort M600T sounds on each pickup switch position with and without splitting, through clean and overdriven channel.

Honestly I think if you mainly play really heavy music like nu-metal, this guitar isn't the best option. Compared to other guitars I recently owned (the Les Paul Epiphone Std and Ibanez GRG270b), the Cort M600T emits a thinner sound on the bridge pickup which is important for tough riffing.

I like to play in many music styles and this guitar fits very well with whatever I play like classical, blues, rock music and is actually quite enough for me to play hard stuff too.

Once I was tweaking the height of the pickups and discovered that putting them close to the strings improve the output of the signal and its thickness but at the same time "kills" something special in its tone.

Eventually I found the best combination of versatility and tonal richness that works for me: I put the neck pickup far away from the strings mostly for smooth guitar solos and the bridge pickup somewhere in the middle for harsher solos and riffs.

Before buying the Cort I was mostly playing the Epiphone Std Plus guitar. I actually like this instrument very much, especially its beautiful sweet tone on the neck pickup and very long sustain, but when I felt like diving the vibrato bar, making some growls, dips and screams with the Les Paul standard it was impossible because it has the stoptail bridge without a whammy bar.

That's why I started to look for a guitar equipped with a vibrato system and at the same time that would also have a beautiful tone. And Cort M600T is a really good option I found.

Talking about quality, the guitar is well built and the only problem I discovered is the high E string buzzing when pressed at the 10th fret because the 11th metal fret was a little bit too high and the string was touching it when picked hard, but this is an adjustment issue. I cautiously hammered the fret deeper in its groove and it improved the problem a lot.

I can't say whether this guitar was set up right out of the box because I bought it from a guy on classified ads and it wasn't new.

The bottom line:

If you're looking for a guitar with a wide range of tones to fit many music styles, that looks and sounds great but still has an affordable price tag you should check out the Cort M600T.

Electric Guitar Review - Cort M600T
This article was last updated on July 15, 2022
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