Guitar String Cleaner

GHS Fast Fret

When the strings on your instrument become dirty or a bit rusty, it affects the tone making it sound duller. This is where guitar string cleaner comes in handy.

To clean my strings I use ghs fast fret cleaner. Apart from removing the dirt and rust out of the strings, it makes them sound brighter, it also changes the feel of my fingerboard making it smooth and slick.

Using the guitar string cleaner on a regular basis makes playing faster with more ease, especially when you're gliding around the fingerboard or performing bend notes.

That's why it's important to glide the cleaner on the metal frets too. This way it works as a lubricant between the frets and the strings, and reduced friction prolongs the fingerboard and the string's life.

Here is how to use fast-fret:

1. Rub stick firmly over strings and fingerboard.

Now you should notice how easy it is to slide to a note and smoothly bend a string. If when bending you still feel some harshness, rub the cleaner directly on the metal fret under the string where it happens. You can bend and hold the string making easier access to this spot.

2. Remove excess away with the lint-free cloth (comes with fast-fret).

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This article was last updated on January 18, 2024