Guitar Picking Exercises - Part II

These exercises are aimed to develop rhythmic picking elements, and differently from the previous exercises in Part I that contain only straight sixteenth and eighth triple notes, these ones also contain pauses, various note durations, and different down/up stroke configurations.

Here's a quick reminder that this symbol: means you need to stroke a string down, and this: up.

The tabs under the word "Figure" show the rhythmic pattern that is used in an exercise below it.

In the audio fragments, I repeated each rhythmic figure twice to settle them better in your head and because some of them sound incomplete if played just once.

Figure 1

Exercise 1

cool alternate picking exercise

Figure 2

Exercise 2

Galop, rhythmic picking guitar exercise

Note that alternate picking is good for playing quick sequences consisting of equal in duration notes. When you have a more unpredictable rhythmic grouping, it's often more comfortable and natural to begin with a downstroke at the beginning of a part that goes after some pause or a long ringing note.

Figure 3

Exercise 3

This exercise reminds me the main riff of Block Rockin' Beats Theme by Chemical Brothers ;)

This guitar picking exercise is good for developing rhythm

Figure 4

Exercise 4

Melodic guitar exercise - alternate picking

To eliminate unnecessary bouncing of the first finger around the 4th and the 5th string, press the 5th string with the tip of the finger as usual, and press the 4th string with the same finger by leaning it down and pressing that string with its body (the tip of the finger remains on the 5th string).

Figure 5

Exercise 5

A guitar exercise/riff for alternate picking
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