A few things to know when you tune a guitar with a locking vibrato system

(Floyd Rose, Ibanez Edge Tremolo)

• If your guitar is slightly out of tune use the fine-tuners on the guitar bridge to tune your instrument, instead of tuning machines on the headstock.

Apart from that, the tuning process is the same as I described back in the tuning a guitar tutorial.

• If a string is completely out of tune use the tuning machine to roughly bring the pitch to its normal level and after that the fine-tuners for precise tuning.

In order to tune a string with the tuning machine you should:

1. Loosen the string locking bracket that presses this string next to the nut using an allen key wrench.

2. Set the fine tuners about the middle of their tuning range so that later you'll have some room to wind the fine-tuner in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

3. Tune the string with the any of the 3 methods from the previous article winding the peg of the tuning machine on the headstock.

(1) With Online Tuner,   (2) Chromatic Tuner,  (3) From String to String

4. Firmly tighten the locking bracket back.

5. Use the fine-tuners to perform fine adjustments if necessary.

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This article was last updated on January 18, 2024