Which electric guitar to buy?

by Karan


I'm Karan and I have been playing acoustic guitar for about 8 months. I've learnt a lot from the net and I feel that I need to learn even more! I find your site quite useful for me to know more about electric guitars!

I am planning to buy an electric guitar soon. But I am still confused as to which one I should buy. My range is from 10000 to 15000 Indian rupees. Which brand would you suggest me?



Hi Karan and Welcome on Board ;)

You may check out budget guitars of respected brands, they are usually well built and sound fine.

For instance: Fender Squier, Les Paul Epiphone, inexpensive series of Ibanez and Yamaha guitars. You can read my thoughts about these guitars in the 'Beginners Electric Guitar' article.

The fact is that each type of guitar produces subtle different tone and has different features that are more appropriate for certain styles of music.

What kind of music are you gonna play?

Also take into account that with an electric guitar come extra expenses, you'll need to have at least an amplifier + cable; having effects pedal(s) + tuner or multi-effects processor would be a great addition.

You can also check out Electric Guitar Packages in your local stores, to buy all the basic necessary stuff in one shot (usually it's cheaper this way).

Don't hesitate to go to local stores and put your hands on different guitars to better understand what you really need and what guitars are more comfortable for you.

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This article was last updated on January 18, 2024