The pick gets stuck to the string

by Salar
on 2023-03-05


I've been playing electric guitar about a year, I still have a problem with picking, I hold the right angel and the right spot with my thumb and index finger, but the pick still gets stuck to the wire and I can't play any faster or just the sound is too annoying, do you have any solution for me?

I almost finished all basic lessons and I'm gonna start playing famous songs and guitar solos soon, and I have to fix the problem as fast as possible. (I should mention that i use the small finger as a support on guitar (pick guard).


Hi Salar.

It's hard to tell what's wrong going on when you pick the strings without watching. One thing that could be the case is that you allow too much of the plectrum to stick out of your grip, I mean the part of the plectrum that hits the strings.

Another thing is that maybe you use too dense/fat plectrum which tends to get stuck when using the alternate picking technique.

There is a short article on how to hold a guitar pick with pictures on the website, you might check it out if you haven't yet, it contains a tip on reducing the rubbing between the pick and the strings by having it slightly turned in relation to the string:

All the best

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