Is there anything that I can do to make small amp louder?

I have a small amp that I use for practice, but it is no where near loud enough. Is there anything that I can do to make it louder?

I also would like to get some information on amp heads and cabinets because I don't know much about them.


Sorry, I think there's no much you can do to make it louder, try to turn the "Level" knob up on the effect pedal if you use one.

What amp do you have?
And where do you use it?

Honestly I always played my guitar with a combo or audio stereo systems using guitar amp emulation built into the effects processor, and I do not have any practical knowledge about heads and cabinets, sorry again.


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by: Anonymous

It is a small 10w Rogue combo amp, I use it inside when practicing but it's not loud enough to be heard over the drums, I plan on getting a bigger one eventually.

I've actually got another question while I'm here. My humbucker on my Squier Strat is tilted into the body of the guitar. The side on the high E string is raised up and the side of the low E is down. Is that normal?


by: electric-fire

Oh I see, You need at least 25W to be heard (better more), I've recently bought the 5 valve Watt Blackstar HT-5 combo. It sounds fairly loud (valve watts are a lot more powerful).

There are no exact regulations how a pickup should be tiled or located, the side of the low E string is down because the lower strings are thicker and they need more space to vibrate without touching the pickup, it's normal.

In order to get the best results out of your Strat you can experiment adjusting the height of the pickup.

There are 2 small screws (one on the top and one on the bottom of the humbucker), turning them changes the height.

The closer it to the strings the more powerful sound you'll get, but if you put the pickup too close, the strings will buzz when rubbing around it.

Follow this link to open the related answer page about the distance between the strings and pickup.


by: Anonymous

Alright, thanks for all your help! I really enjoy the site as well it is handy when it comes to sounds you can get from an amp.

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