Playing through speakers and headphones simultaneously


Hello. How would i play sound simultaneously through speakers and headphones? what device would i need to make this happen !! I have a hearing problem and when I use just the amp speaker it sounds tinny, but using headphones the sound is as it should be !! but I would like my friends to hear it also.

Thank you


Hi Blair, tell me a little bit more about your guitar setup, do you use an effects processor and if yes, which model; what guitar amp or stereo system you play through?

As an example I have a very old Digitech guitar effects processor that have two separate "left" and "right" outputs for connecting two amplifiers simultaneously, one of those can be used to connect to headphones instead.

A rear view of the Digitech RP80 guitar multi effects processor

Also, many portable multi-track recorders, audio monitors and even some straightforward analog guitar effect pedals equipped with two or more audio outputs that send the signal to every one of them simultaneously.

When you plug the headphones into your amp (it's wnen the signal automatically routes to the headphone and stops going to the loud speaker), you can try the following, not a reliable approach:

Pull the headphone's plug off of the amplifier just a bit, very lightly, and check your sound, do it a few times trying different distances. The premise for this technique is that If the automatic signal routing happens mechanically in the output port, there is usually a spot which if you hit by semi-inserting the plug, will route the signal to the headphones and at the same time won't yet disconnect the contacts that connect the power amp stage in your amplifier.

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This article was last updated on April 19, 2018