Get Chromatic Guitar Tuner Software For Free

For Windows, Mac OS X, Kindle and PocketPC

Chromatic guitar tuner software works in a similar way to a common hardware tuner, using a computer sound card as a guitar input device.

Pitch Perfect is one of the rare free software tuners that works on PocketPC and Windows Mobile. The tuner for these platforms you can download here. For the rest of the systems, use this page.

A little tip for Windows users:

If the tuner doesn't react on a guitar signal, try to do the following:

Press the PitchPerfect button on the tuner --> Options.

Now check if the Sound Input Device is selected appropriately.

Next press the Volume And Input Channel Settings button, it will open a recording mixer.

In the mixer, choose an appropriate input: Microphone or Line in, and check the volume slider.

Windows XP - Recording Mixer

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This article was last updated on January 18, 2024