What is the benefit of multiple string wraps around the tuning posts?

by Jeremy
(Melbourne, Australia)

Almost all guitarists wrap 2 - 3 winds around the tuning posts, yet it has been well established that this makes stretching the strings in (especially on a floyd brige) take longer as the winds take more time to settle than the length of string over the fretboard.

Some years ago I stopped winding as much string as I could around the posts (I pull them through as tight as possible) and I haven't observed any loss of tone, tuning stability or increased string breakage.

However, is there any documented benefit for using multiple winds or does everyone just do it out of habit?


by Arthur Pro

Hi Jeremy!

I have never heard about any benefit for using multiple winds.

I wrap the strings about 2, 3 winds max on my guitar without a whammy bar and haven't had any problems with it for years.

As I noticed, generally the higher strings require some extra winding in order to prevent sliding a string through the hole in the tuning post. While the lower strings stay completely stable with just a couple of wraps.

Once I had a Flight guitar with a Fender synchronized vibrato arm and 2 – 3 wraps was enough there too.

I have just checked my new guitar with floating bridge (Ibanez GRG270b), the strings on it were installed by the manufacturer. It has 3 wraps on the lower strings and 5-7 on the higher ones.

I think it's useful to spend the extra time on putting some lubricant on the grooves which the strings are passing through (such as in the nut, the bridge...), it will greatly improve tuning stability and decrease the chances of string breakage.

Best Wishes

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