Pick Scrape Trick

Pick Scrape is a "must know" guitar trick, used with taste it will make your playing more live and cool. Besides this, this trick is fairly easy to perform, so it will be joy even if you’re complete beginner.


  1. Prepare your fretting hand for taking a chord that you gonna play right after the Scrape.
  2. Slide the heel of the plectrum along the lower strings, from the area around the pickups towards the guitar head.
  3. Pull the plectrum off of the strings in order to make the chord ring.

This trick usually fits well at transitions from one part of a song to another, (for example from a verse to a chorus).

Listen to Neptune song by InMe at 2:37

Or in the repetitions, just right before the repetition.
In the video below I added the scrape to riff #1 from riffs for beginners lesson.

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