Get Chromatic Guitar Tuner Software For Free

For Windows, Mac OS X 10.2 or later, PocketPC

Chromatic guitar tuner software works in the same way as a common hardware tuner, using computer sound card as a guitar input device.

Pitch Perfect is the one of the rare free software tuners that works on Windows, Mac OS, PocketPC and Windows Mobile/SmartPhone platforms.

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Little tip:

If the tuner doesn't react on a guitar signal, try to do following:

Click on PitchPerfect button on the tuner --> Options.

Now check out if the Sound Input Device is selected appropriately.

Next click on Volume And Input Channel Settings button,
it will open a recording mixer.

In the mixer, choose an appropriate Input: Microphone or Line in,
and check the volume slider.

Windows XP - Recording Mixer

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