Heavy Metal Guitar Picking Patterns

Unlike the Riffs for Beginners guitar lesson, where I showed a few guitar picking patterns and how to use them to build riffs all in detail, this page simply consists of 14 rhythmic moves in heavy styles that I hope will add more depth to your playing.

Note that many of the patterns I recorded in pretty fast pace, don't play on these speeds if you are stumbling, it's always better to play accurately on lower speeds and gradually increase pace along with your progress.

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Picking pattern 1


Picking pattern 2


Picking pattern 3


Picking pattern 4


Picking pattern 5


Picking pattern 6


Picking pattern 7


Picking pattern 8


Picking pattern 9


Picking pattern 10


Picking pattern 11

I added some delay effect here.


Picking pattern 12


Picking pattern 13

Pay attention that in this pattern there are three quarter notes marked with triplet notation, it means that duration of these notes together equals half note. So here for two metronome beats go three triplet notes.


Picking pattern 14


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