Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

Only Open Chords!

The easy guitar songs for beginners on this page are supposed to be played with clean electric or acoustic guitar.

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The good news is that knowing basic open chords and number of finger picking, strumming patterns already allows to play modified but still correct version of almost any rock or pop song. Some songs are really simple and do not need any modifications though.

Check out easy songs below:


Zombie - Cranberries
It's indeed very very easy song for beginners.
Only four chords: Em - C - G - D are used throughout the whole vocal and almost all instrumental line. Somewhere in the instrumental part they just repeat only two: Em and C a few times. The strumming is really slow.


Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynard (3 chord song: D - C - G)


Hot - Avril Lavigne
Note that in the chorus, the chords are actually switched in the end of each text string.


Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
The original song is recorded in F key and requires bar chords to play. Here is transposed to A key and a little modified version, in order to make it possible to play just with easy open chords.


Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift
Couple of slow downward strums per chord goes well with this song and this helps not to focus much on the strumming hand, while working out smooth chord changing.

You can substitute G - Em - C - D chord progression with the following slightly modified chords for more interesting sounding:

G - 320033 | Em7 - 022030 | Cadd9 - X32030 | D - XX0232

If you prefer to use arpeggiato instead of strumming, here is pretty good guitar tablature for this tune.


Horse With No Name - America
One of the easiest to play song, the verse and the chorus are played just with two chords.

    Em ------     D6/9 ------   And    Em9 ------    Dmaj9 ------
       ||||||          ||||||              ||||||          ||||||
       |**|||          *||*||              |*|||*          |||**|
       ||||||          ||||||              ||||||          ||||||

Here's very good video lesson including explanation on how to strum shuffle rhythm that is more appropriate here.


Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Poison
Playing this song for the first time might seem not as quite straightforward as the chord layout looks, because some of the chords last 2 times less than the rest,

for example (verse):

G  -   -   -   Cadd9  -   -   -   |
G  -   -   -   Cadd9  -   -   -   |
G  -  Cadd9  -   G  -  Cadd9   -  |
D   -   -   -    C   -    -   -   |

Just listen to the song for some time, it's really a snap to get used to the changes.


Numb - Linkin Park (acoustic version)
The only one bar chord here is the B chord in the bridge. But you can replace it with B5 - X244XX power chord, no barre necessary and it still fits there.

Click here for fingerpicking version of the song. First note of the fingerpicking pattern is 2 times longer than the rest of the notes in a bar.

Listen it:
    And the intro tab by the way ;): e--------0-3-2--------3-2-----

Hey there Delilah - Plain White T's (simplified tab)
Although this song contains a couple of bar chords (Bm and F#m),
there's no need to use barre at all
, the whole accompaniment is played with very simple (finger)picking pattern that requires 2 strings max. being pressed. Here's the lyrics.


Animal Instinct - Cranberries
the C9 chord in the pop up suggestion window has barre,
here is barre free version of the chord C9 - 032030


Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
Really easy guitar song to play with slow strumming. In the interlude in the middle of the song add extra G chord that is missed on the song's page:
Em - G - Em - G - Em - A - Em - A - [ G ]

@ Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners


Hurt – Johnny Cash
The chord progression in this song is not that straightforward, there're minor changes between first and second part of the verses, but anyway nothing's really difficult.

The main picking pattern:


Clocks - Coldplay
Except the bridge, there are only three constant chords throughout the whole theme. The progression is slightly different from the other songs though:

D - Am x2 - Em.

It took some time for me to use playing Am twice in the middle of it.

There's no Fmaj7 chord in the "basic guitar chord chart",
(this chord is used in the bridge of the song),

so here it is - XX3210


Lost - Coldplay
You might substitute the G chord in the intro and verse with G/E.
It is the same G chord only with bass of E note - 020033
sounds more appropriate.

The progression for intro/verse will be: Em7 - C - G/E - D


Wasted Love - Iron Maiden
This song is built upon very beautiful (finger)picking formation. If you have chorus guitar effect, add it to the clean sound, along with reverb or delay, it will make magic.

The chorus' in the song you 'll play with strumming though, or with power chords as on the recording. They are simple:

     E5        C5        D5        G5   F#5 

Speechless - Lady GaGa
This is the most complicated song from these easy ones, and not because the chords are difficult, (in this simplified version they are not), but because the chords are changing too much.

Chord progression for INTRO actually is:
C - G - Am - - - F - - - G - - (break)


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