Lesson 2 - Turning a Few Cool Guitar Riffs to a Song

In the previous lesson I showed how to play a few modern alt-rock and metal riffs. Playing a bunch of different cool riffs is good but playing the whole song is even better. Now it's time to take it to the next level and combine four pretty cool riffs into one metal song.

Listen to the song

The track sounds massive because like in any metal song there are drums and bass in it. In order to make practice more fun I recorded the "band simulator", a special track with only drums and bass inside.

Backing Track for the Metal Song

Download backing track (vorbis audio file)

Now let's learn the song by small, manageable chunks, one step at a time.

Riff 1 – Verse I

original track
backing track

Riff 2 – Chorus I

original track
backing track

This guitar riff has the same rhythmic pattern as the Figure I has from the 'Guitar Riffs for Beginners Lesson'.

Riff 3 – Verse II

original track
backing track

Chorus II

original track
backing track

This chorus is similar to the first one, except that for diversity, I didn't pause here and played the riff solidly, as guitar riff 2 of the previous lesson.

Riff 4 – Ending

original track
backing track

The roaring sound effect on the last chord is done by sliding (little "s" in the tab) the fretting hand somewhere towards the guitar head.

After the riffs are done, have fun with playing the whole piece, Here is the backing track in three different speeds 100, 110 and 120 beats per minute:

100 bpm

Download audio

110 bpm

Download Audio

120 bpm

Download Audio

These files are in Vorbis unrestricted by software patents format, you can use VLC player, cmus, mplayer, along many others to play them.

Get the whole tab in PDF format

Once you think you're playing the song well, try to record your performance along with the backing track by any available gadget. Listen to the recording in headphones or normal speakers (cellphone speakers suck). And you'll have a better picture how you play and what may need improvements ;)

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This article was last updated on June 03, 2019
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