How can I get a similar tone to mark Tremonti?

hey just visited you website and got some nice info, so to the point.. I have a vox stomplab 2g.. how can I get a similar tone to mark Tremonti or Myles Kennedy on the processor? I know it'll not sound anything like it cs they use the real stacks n stuffs but since I'm doin' a cover of an Alterbridge song I need my tone to sound something like it.. could you please help me..


Sorry, it's hard for me to answer your question, I'm not familiar with those guys and your processor either, from a few songs I've just listened online, it seemed to me that the guitar has some lower alternate tuning, like the 6th string is tuned to C instead of E, 5th to F, and etc...

There's also a bass guitar that blends with the electric guitar in the records and together they create the powerful sound, that wouldn't be achieved just with a single e-guitar, although it may sound like a single guitar. The guitar effect itself sounds like a regular high gain distortion.

Note that there are many tricks that can be used in the studio to create a vivid sound. For example you might try this one:

  • Record a riff.
  • Make a clone track of that riff in your sequencer, or recording device.
  • Change the panorama (pan) of the original track more to the left, and the cloned track to the right.
  • Now very very slightly (for a very little fraction of a second), shift the cloned track forward in time.

What you should get now is a tighter sounding riff.

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This article was last updated on January 27, 2018