High Quality Online Video Guitar Lessons from Jamplay

On this page I've put a collection of professionally made online video guitar lessons from Jamplay.com team that they allowed me to embed on my website. Jamplay is one of the best video guitar lessons web resource I've found so far.

The cool thing about these videos is that they were shot with multiple cameras and you can watch how the picking and fretting hand work together on the split screen with a good visibility. It helps to eliminate the confusion that you often might have while learning from text lessons and regular videos.


You can watch more free jamplay guitar video lessons for songs on their website by following the links right below. Here is a couple of useful things to know if you go there:

"A" and "B" little buttons on the control panel of the player allow to repeatedly playback any piece of the video.
In order to get "extras" such as a guitar tab, chord diagrams, backing track... click "Supplemental" button on the opened lesson page, under the video.


Free Jamplay Guitar Video Lessons for Songs


Collective Soul - Shine.
The instructor in this set of online video guitar lessons shows how to tune your guitar in a non-standard way specifically for this song and that makes it much much easier to play for beginners. (He plays the chorus with just a one finger).

Although the lead part requires really speedy hands. Anyway you can always skip the lead part if you feel your playing level doesn't match yet.

How to play Turkish March by Mozart.
This fast composition is not for beginners, rather for advanced players. But if you nailed your alternate picking and accurate synchronization between the hands down, I encourage you set your metronome and enjoy learning this great piece of music.

The guy in the video shows a few different approaches to play the same parts of the song. Some of them sound really good, although not really easy to play.

If you have troubles with the accuracy check out my guitar exercises and practice tips to improve your playing.



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