MU.LAB - A Free Recording Program for Mac and PC

With MU.LAB you can record your guitar, vocal, synthesizer, virtual instruments as well as edit the recorded tracks.

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A snapshot of Mu.Lab (previously named Luna) audio editing software

To start up the program after you downloaded the zip archive, decompress it, locate the executable file (MuLab.exe for Windows or for MacOS) and run it.

An interesting aspect about MU.LAB is that it can work directly from a USB memory stick, so you can move your studio in your pocket, without traditionally installing the package on your computer.

This very lightweight, relatively easy to use program has all the important features for creating high quality tracks, such as:

Automation recording
it allows, along with your audio, record information about changes in volume, panorama or any other effect parameter, to a separate "automation" track.

VST plug-in connectivity and routing
You can add third-party virtual synthesizers, samplers and effects.

MIDI-Controller Connectivity

The only sad thing about the free edition of MU.LAB is that it's limited to 6 tracks of recording per song. For most of my recordings I figure it's fairly enough.

I usually use tracks in this way:

  • 1 track is for drum samples
  • 1 is for bass synth/sampler
  • 3 tracks are for guitar recording
  • 1 is for any additional instrument

I started using this program long time ago, at that time it was called LUNA. It was also distributed with DVD disks accompanying Computer Music magazines, that variant of this program had a different palette of colors and was named something like "CM editor".

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This article was last updated on January 28, 2018